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May 26, 2016

You can find all my music related projects on my Dubby RT website!

Het Roerhuis

Apr 15, 2016

Webdesign/development for


Jul 15, 2011

Simple Centos Security Checker, or SCSC, is a very simple bash script that checks a CentOS system for updates that are security patches. It uses yum-changelog to achieve this goal because yum-security does not work on centos.


Sep 22, 2010

This shell script checks a system for available updates and mails them to a predefined email address. Surely there are other ways to accomplish this like apticron on debian but I wrote this for my company to have a small script that works across most platforms we use.

General INFormation Fetcher

Sep 3, 2010

General INFormation Fetcher is a script that can be used to collect all sorts of general system information.