So lately I’ve been trying to switch from my favorite tiling window managers (wmii, awesome) to gnome-shell to try out what’s new.

One thing I always liked is being able to create some rules about specific programs being moved to a specific workspace automatically.

I found out that this is possible with the gnome-shell plugin “auto-move-windows” (from the gnome-shell-extensions repository) although this is not very well documented. I thought I’d share the information on how to do this as this does not appear to be blogged/documented yet (sorry If I missed some…).

I’ll keep it short on this one with an example:

# gsettings set application-list "['<application>.desktop:<workspace-number>',...]"
gsettings set application-list "['firefox.desktop:2','evolution.desktop:3','xchat.desktop:4','empathy.desktop:4','soffice.desktop:5']"

I’m sure you get the point here and you can adjust this example to your own preference so I’ll leave it at that.