I got the following question in my mailbox today:

Hoe heb je CoPilot op je android phone gekregen? App ergens anders vandaag gehaald?

Curious to know :-)

Let’s translate:

How did you get CoPilot on your android phone? Did you get the app from a different place (not the market?)


(Answer only applies to countries where you can’t get paid applications yet)

What I did was, I rooted my HTC Magic, you can get an howto on how to do that at android-dls. After your phone is rooted you can install an application called ’MarketEnabler’. This application actually fakes provider settings so the market thinks you’re in a country where paid applications are allowed in the market. When you do this you can just search for CoPilot on the market, pay it, download it and install it.

There are also less legal ways to get your hands on CoPilot but I won’t be describing them here ;-).