After having bought my Asus eeepc 900 for about 1 month now, I finally started looking for a solution to my problem: the battery! At first I didn’t really care about the battery because I was playing a lot with it with only the power adapter connected. I fiddled around alot with some distro’s ( eeebuntu, ubuntu-eee which is now called easy peasy and cruncheee).

After I finally settled for cruncheee for a while now I started to notice the EXTREMELY POOR battery life of my eeepc 900. So I started a quest to find out WHY. It didn’t take me long however to discover that Asus seems to FSCK their buyers over and deliver the eeepc 900 with an inferiour 4400mah battery in Europe for the same price as a 5800mah equipped netbook!

They did - however - deliver models with a (slightly better) 5800mah battery to nearly any hardware testing site/magazine. Thereby fooling their customers into believing a (rather normal) battery life of +- 3hrs but delivering only a marginal 1,5hrs of battery to the foolish(me included) customers who decided to buy their netbook in a normal store rather then on the internet(where you might find a US model).

I am really really PISSED OFF and DISAPPOINTED and I feel FSCK’D by Asus.


Planning on buying a netbook? Please:

  • Buy an Acer One
  • … or any other brand you like.
  • OR … If you really really want an Asus, make sure you get a US model!


fsck Asus!