Today I was trying to dump an oracle database into a mysql dumpfile, and no mather what I tried (using the mysql migration toolkit on windows) it always failed… The first try gave me some import errors telling me that there was an invalid value ‘x0′ in the field lists, google didn’t help me :( The second try gave me no import errors but I ended up with a really weird mysql database changing the row count from a specific table on each query (without modifying the database in between).

All the other tries gave me headache.

So I decided to install the mysql migration toolkit on a linux system, I chose CentOs since installing an rpm should be faster (and more easy, at least I hoped so), well BAD LUCK to myself as the only version available here at the office was a CentOs 4.4 and I didn’t want to download a newer one.

When trying to install the migration toolkit on this CentOs operating system I ran into some dependancy errors: is needed by mysql-gui-tools-5.0r11-1rhel4.i386 is needed by mysql-gui-tools-5.0r11-1rhel4.i386

Well, I ended my day today by fixing the dependancies, but altough everything is fine, the mysql migration toolkit rpm contains a bug telling me that the dependancies are NOT met :-(