I’m now in week 6 of my Internship @ option (option website) and I like it a lot so far.

  • My tasks?

    I’m in the SPQ(Service & Product Quality) team and I have rather “small” assignments. These assignments can go from making a tool that fixes a driver (which saved option a client!) to testing/implementing a LAN->GPIB switch to control a device named “Agilent” over the LAN network instead of GPIB. The Agilent is a device that simulates a cellphone-network.

    The GPIB protocol is old and being used to control devices like the Agilent.

  • Am I doing good?

    Well, I had my first evaluation a week ago, and my teacher told me “Bert, I only heard positive things”. That’s like … great! :)

  • How do I feel @ option?

    Great! It’s very nice to work here, it’s not to strict but not to loose either. I’ve got a very nice teamleader and very nice colleagues. Last friday I had a superb day, I was invited to have Lunch in the city with all the colleagues. We were away from 12 to 15h and, well, we had a little bit of alcohol :-).

Conclusion: Up until now, my internship is going great!