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Installed Octopress

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Today I installed a new site/blog called Octopress. It is what they call A blogging framework for hackers and I really seem to like it. This is actually just a test post, but more will follow!

update 2 I had a quick look on the google analytics page of my old blog and decided to already move the most visited page. This happens to be a howto on how to install OpenERP on CentOS.

Next on the blog todo list is:

  • Update the openerp howto
  • Move other frequently visited pages
  • Blog more ^^

update Until I have the time to migrate old posts my old blog is still available at:

Zarafa Webapp and Pound Proxy

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When using Zarafa with Pound problems can occur with the session data. An example:

Error: Response data requested from bus but it doesn’t have any data

To resolve this, add the following within the “Service” section of your Pound configuration:

[root@proxy~]# grep -A2 -B2 IP /etc/pound.cfg
        Type IP
        TTL 300

Prefixer Saves My Day

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I use my android phone for both private calls and calls to customers, sometimes when calling customers you just don’t want them to know your number.

In android changing your caller ID is just a few clicks to far away, and until today no application is available for creating a shortcut on your homescreen to change this setting.

This is where prefixer comes in and saves my day!

Prefixer is a FREE and great application which allows you to prefix any outgoing call with a code, for my operator the code to make 1 call hide my phone number is #31#, so creating a rule which sets the prefix for any outgoing call to #31# and adding the prefixer widget to my homescreen for turning it off and on really helps me alot!

Check out prefixer :-)